History of IDV

Since 1996, IDV has been the technology development arm for a group of Internet Service Providers based in the Delaware Valley, an area encompassing the greater Philadelphia area and the adjacent states of Delaware and NJ. With backgrounds in computer hardware and software design, the people of IDV are proud of our long history of innovation and optimization of our data and voice platform which services thousands of customers each day. In 2006, IDV is coming out of the shadows to bring technology solutions to people in a fresh new way we call...the intelligent solution.

The Intelligent Solution

IDV stands for Intelligent Data and Voice. Which describes our solutions and our philosophy. The Intelligent solution is not necessarily the cheapest or the highest performing but the solution which is optimal for the problem at hand. To make an intelligent choice you have to not only understand the full range of solutions available but you also have to fully understand the problem you intend to solve. The problem with typical customer/vendor relationships is that the only solutions on the table are those that the vendor can provide plus rarely are you able to get to the people who really know what they're talking about. An IDV solution addresses the needs of the client first and foremost and is not limited to our core products. Typically, as part of a technology relationship, IDV will directly provide and manage outside providers. Whatever it takes to provide the OPTIMAL solution.