Voice over IP

SIP origination and termination

If your company has a Voice over IP network in place, IDV can get you connected to the rest of the world. Our voice gateways will route calls over the Internet when possible, as well as directly to the PSTN. We provide both SIP termination and DID origination services throughout the USA and world.

If you have already tried Voice over IP, and been frustrated by low quality calls, dropped calls or other problems, give us a call. These are not a function of the technology but rather a function of your SIP gateway service. IDV can offer your business:

  • Toll Quality USA SIP termination starting at $0.019/min. Very high quality International routes.
  • SIP TDM origination DIDs starting at $0.004/min
  • Nationwide origination with real-time provisioning $0.01/min or lower with volume
  • Toll-Free origination starting at $0.020/min


Volume discounts starting as low as 10k minutes.

VoIP/SIP Termination for Outbound Calls

IDV SIP Termination is truely business grade quality of service without the high volume commitments. We have unlimited calling plans or metered plans that will give you the quality you need at a price that can't be beat.

IDV offers flexible options for connecting your network. We can accept "wholesale" connections with no registration required, as well as individual station or phone system connection with registration.

Please click here for current International calling rates.

VoIP/SIP Origination for Inbound Calls

IDV offers SIP origination from dozens of cities in the USA as well as over 50 countries. Increase your international exposure while keeping your costs down by having IDV backhaul numbers from around the globe back to your existing phone system or IVR!
Pricing starts at $10 per number (DID) and 1ยข/minute.

Phone system connectivity

If you have a traditional analog or digital phone system, but you would like to explore the cost savings of VoIP service, we are here to help. IDV voice gateways will connect your existing PBX or phone system to our high-quality VoIP network with no expensive equipment upgrades on your part.