Virtual Phone System

Ideal for companies with 1-25 employees, IDV's distributed virtual phone system can save you thousands of dollars in equipment and telco charges. Combine our virtual PBX service with any number of stations distributed over many different locations to connect remote offices and telecommuting users. Calls are routed through our voice network for as little as $25/mo flat rate, or 2¢ per minute. We have experience with Sipura and Cisco VoIP solutions, as well as Open Source solutions, including stations, call routing, and SIP<->PSTN gateway hardware and configuration.In addition to our own Virtual Phone System, IDV can assist your company with the expertise required to:

  • Getting your current phone system converted to VoIP
  • Migrating your users to a new on-site VoIP phone system
  • MySQL, PHP, CGI, SSI, and Cold Fusion available
    All the latest technology to run your site. Development assistance is also available.